Who We Are…

Get to know the brief history, team, personnel, and the unique USP that makes up WP Camel. Get an insight into our work ethic which turns us into your invisible back office doing all the work while you manage your clients.

Our Belief

Running a digital agency is tough. Coding is tougher. We believe that digital agencies should know a thing or two about website development, but they don’t need to code WordPress sites themselves to thrive.

We work hand-in-hand with the agencies to learn their client preferences and efficiently code the websites for them maintaining the WordPress Standard. In the meantime, you can concentrate on enhancing your service repertoire and growing the business further.

People Behind the Company

Iqbal Bary Shuvo

Co-founder & CTO

Iqbal Bary Shuvo is responsible for making each and every WordPress project awesome. He started his first web development project in 2009. He worked with various platforms and gained experience in multiple programming languages and systems.

Shuvo became ZEND certified in 2013 and decided to pursue his career in PHP and WordPress development. Since then he has worked with 500+ clients on thousands of different WordPress projects, from small blog sites to enterprise solutions. He has developed multiple premium WordPress themes and plugins from scratch.

Oliul Alam

Co-founder & Strategic Partner Manager

Oliul Alam is responsible for marketing, communicating with the clients and systematizing the WP Camel work procedures. He started his career as a freelance internet marketer in 2012. In 2015 he switched his focus to web publication business and started working on WordPress websites day in day out.

Oliul has hired several WordPress developers for his own projects in the past and has eyes of a critic to measure and improve the performance of WordPress websites from a user’s perspective.

Team at a glance

How We Make Things Happen for You

  • We receive the project, research it, and come up with the solution for your agency and clients.
  • We believe in communication and long-term partnership with agencies while working on projects.
  • We're passionate in what we do and offer our best in every little project.
  • Our team takes every project believing it's a continuous project and nothing is ever final.
  • Our team is patient and listens to the feedback you give and improves it's efficiency.
  • We believe in diversity and productive work environment that facilitate quality output.

Ready to start a project together?

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WPCamel is a full-service WordPress development agency. We provide flexible & reliable White Label WordPress development services to digital agencies across the globe.


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