Why You Need to Improve Your Site Speed?

Let us be frank with you, a slow website deters most of the visitors. Average attention span of a visitor when clicking a website is 2 seconds. Any longer than that and website owners bleed traffic and… money. 

You know as well as us that a flashy website won’t matter much if it’s not fast. It will irritate users and cause them to bounce back from your website. Optimizing website resources and speed leads to faster response time for users and better conversion.

The Benefits of A Speed-Optimized Website

Let’s spell the beans and take a quick look at the benefits of a super fast websites.

Like we said, speed optimization makes websites faster than before when loading. A speed-optimized website minimizes the resources by making them cloud based and putting no strain on your cpanel or vps storages. Larger websites dealing with multiple topics better be optimized for faster loading time. Optimized Images and Javascript will improve the look and feel of those websites. Speed optimization does well when pairing web hosts with WordPress websites by reducing server callbacks and increasing uptime. Speed optimization involves website caching which keeps your website up even when the web host, the website itself or the server is acting up.

Features & Benefits

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We at WPCamel, do simple tweaks to images and enable them to load faster bringing the loading time down without reducing the quality of those images.

WP Camel professionals compress lines of HTML, CSS and Javascript codes so that they occupy less space and make resources load faster than before compression.

We reduce resource calling time by combining several JavaScript and CSS files into one.

We eliminate Render Blocking Resources to reduce server load for your websites.

We at WPCamel, use top-notch CDN clients to make your website lightening fast.

Setting up cache plugin and integrating with website servers is tough and delicate business. Fortunately, it takes us a jiffy to get everything ready for you to use.

The Way We Measure Speed of Your Websites

Here at WPCamel, we utilize GTmetrix, Pingdom, and Google pagespeed insight to monitor a website’s performance and fix recommended issues.

Case Studies that Show Our Past Work

Want to get a sneak peak in how we do things? Here are a few case studies on our past assignments. These will give you an idea about how we approach each speed optimization project for our clients.

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