Hacking Recovery Service

Let Us Help Clean Your Malware

These days, it’s very easy to inject a malware into a website and corrupt its database. Before you know it, shady hackers will get their hands on sensitive information of yours, your clients, and customers. WP Camel can get you out of the situation quite easily. We run manual checks on your website to find out the malware, how much it infected your website and take it out root and stem. All you have to do is contact us and we’ll be on the job.

Find malware Script

We check your websites manually as well as with reliable tools to find any malware or infected files that are in your WordPress directory.

Remove infected files

The next step involves removing the infected file(s) from the directory. WPCamel doesn’t leave any trace or copy of the file in your cPanel to prevent recurring attacks.

Secure your website

We help you secure your website by updating everything to ensure no further attacks or malware injections take place. We also hand out guidelines & best practices for clients.

Brute force protection and SSL Setup

The most common method of hacking or disabling a website is by conducting a brute force attack. People abuse random usernames and passwords to log into the website or depleting the bandwidth and taking the website down. Sometimes, brute force limits website resources as well. WP Camel takes numerous steps to prevent brute force attacks to a website in shortest possible time.

Remove Security Warning from Google Search Result

Google declares a website unsafe if it has security issues or has been recently hacked. Even after the website recovers, security warnings take a long time to disappear. Fortunately, WP Camel is here to help. We work with various services on Google and outside to whitelist your website as soon as possible. The security warnings won’t bother you anymore!

We Can Help You With Google Captcha Integration

Spammers often irritate webmasters through mass emailing using bots. Thus, people get flooded with irrelevant emails and cannot find out useful emails from spammy ones. Managing spammy emails can take a lot of time. One way to prevent that is through integrating Google Captcha. This prevents shady visitors from further contacting you.

How Long Will It Take to Recover Your Website?

Recovering a hacked website is a tedious process. Even then, WP Camel takes pride in a fast response time and quick turnaround. On an average, it takes us 24 hours to recover your site from the time you contact us. Yet, sometimes, securing a website takes multiple steps and might take longer than the time-frame. That’s why, we involve our clients every step of the process.

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