Technical SEO Services

The world of internet is ever-changing ever since Google started releasing a series of updates. The higher people rank with their websites, the more money they generate.

To rank high on Google, people need a picture-perfect and high-performance website. Performance optimization starts from solid technical SEO. Agency owners know how much attention to detail and time it takes to perfect the Onpage/Technical SEO process.

Don’t worry! At WPCamel, we take the load off you by stepping into your shoes. WordPress Experts and Professional SEOs team up to handle the Technical Part of Search Engine Optimization for people.

Aspects We Look at When Doing A Technical SEO Audit

WP Camel does the familiar Technical SEO Audit a bit differently. Our services can consist of one-page audits or a complete site-wide report of bugs and issues. If something’s broken, we’re here to fix it. The list represents areas we take a look at when going through with the auditing.

Speed Optimization with WP Camel

Trust us, you and your customers don’t want to have lunch while your website loads. It needs to be lightning fast when loading. Thanks to the recent updates, we know that it’s a ranking factor.

Our team of experienced personnel are here to take care of the job for you. We do speed testing and follow a number of steps to make sure your website loads faster on PC and mobile devices.

Take a look at our Speed Optimization Page to see how we go about ensuring a quick website for everyone.

Doing Structured Data Markup For Your Websites

Structured Data Markups help Google understand your website better. Here at WP Camel, we implement JSON-LD and various markups to accurate sections of the websites to help our clients get better search visibilities and possibly a spot on Google Snippet.

Let us Recover Your Website from Google Penalties

With the constant Google Updates these days, agencies are often contacted by a number of websites with variable degrees of penalties. Let us ease your workload as we work our way into analyzing your website and fixing the issues.

We have helped countless websites in recovering from manual penalties throughout the years. We’re prepared to go the extra mile for you.

Website Migration is Not a Problem with Us

Despite how hard it sounds, website migration is a normal thing when dealing with growing businesses. People might need new domain names, new protocols and a bigger online space as their business grows. The users need to have a safe browsing experience as well. Naturally, the owners need to shift their websites to suitable platforms.

We take care of the entire process meticulously and make sure there are no errors along the way. Our SEO team has done 50+ website migrations without a hitch. One can expect the following benefits when teaming up with us for the task.

SEO Advantages.

Growing Audience on Smartphones & Tabs

Boost in Search Performance.

An increase in Domain Authority

More Traffic Engagement.

A Secure Browsing Experience.

Fixing the Link Structure

Do you know that faulty internal linking can damage your website’s reputation? Also, an inconsistent linking parameter can make navigating your website very difficult. That’s why our professional Technical SEO team works to fix anchor texts, source codes, and link parameters to improve the performance of your website.

Solving Indexing Issues

Keeping our clients’ websites crawlable is one of our priorities. WP Camel makes it easy to index pages of your website in organic search results. Also, we understand the need of keeping certain pages out of the search engine for good reasons.

Our guys take care of duplicate contents and implement canonical tags to ensure there are no issues with the content of the website.

Why WP Camel for Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is a process suitable to nerds. We are people who understand WordPress inside out. WPCamel is the white label service provider you look for when you need attention to detail. We develop and design the website and hand it out to our clients. However, we’re not done. WP Camel works hand in hand with its clients even after the website launches to ensure it performs up the level that we promised you. We don’t settle for anything less than perfect. Be it a new or an old website, we have a knack for figuring out glaring flaws of a website and fixing them at a moment’s notice. We go as far as suggesting content strategies for penalized websites to ensure minimal rank drop in future. WPCamel provides an overall strategy guide for our clients on how to fix conversion strategies and maximize the revenue from their websites. Also, we’ve been at our jobs for 10+ years. Once you’re with us, you don’t need to look anywhere else.
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