WordPress Bug Fix Service

We take care of any and all WordPress issues or bugs for our clients. That too at a minimal cost.

Help us Fix WordPress Issues For You

WordPress is the most common CMS when it comes to developing websites. But that doesn’t mean the CMS doesn’t have issues. Bugs are quite common in WordPress. Sometimes plugins don’t match well with the theme or php version conflicts or website pages break up due to CSS or JavaScript issues. WP Camel is here to help.

We take care of any and all WordPress issues or bugs for our clients. That too at a minimal cost.

Types of Issues You’ll Find in Your Website

WordPress is a dynamic CMS. The software can encounter a number of issues for a number of reasons. Just to give you an idea about what you can expect when we say bugs in WordPress, refer to the following list.

Theme & Plugin issues

CSS Issues

Database Issues

JavaScript Errors

PHP Errors

Plugin Conflicts

What We Can Do to Fix Your WordPress Website?

WordPress bugs or issues range from a simple problem to full-fledged malware or hack attack. Depending on the problem’s severity, WP Camel analyzes each problem with great care and plans a course of action. We place great importance on proper communication with our clients.

Whatever we do and plan for each step, you’ll be informed about the process.

What If You Have Malware Issues?

Malware infection can be a serious issue if left unchecked. Malware Removal requires complicated set of steps and aftercare through constant support. That’s why we decided to grant it our special attention. Refer to our Hacking Recovery Service page to see how we take care of the issue.

WP Camel Fixes WordPress Bugs Within 24 Hours

We take pride in quick and competent support. No matter what the problem is, we’ll respond and try to fix it within 24 hours of the order. However, sometimes the process can take longer depending on the complexity of the issue (i.e: Database Configuration, Malware Removal and inspecting security of the website, and Phishing Attack).

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